The Culprits

Javier Arevalo Rendall is an Argentine-born journalist and writer. Purely by coincidence he has worked for newspapers and magazines in the UK, the US, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. After years of not finding the magazine he wished he could read, a bottle of Argentine red wine and whole packet of Gauloises, he decided to start his own. It was five months ago in a pub in London, and a couple of his friends were crazy enough to go along with the idea. Now he’s got the cheek to call himself the Editor in Chief of Mate.

Leandro Cardoso da Cunha is the super-talented Brazilian designer in charge of the Mate banner and logo. Any complaints about the design or general looks of the magazine, he’s the guy you want to talk to. You’ll find him at

Andrea di Baggis, another genius in the design area, has honoured us by making Mate’s first front cover. An Italian Architect, now member of the Architectural Board of Viterbo (Italy), he has worked in the production of several stage design projects,  collaborated as an Architect with various architecture firms in Italy, and is responsible for several interior design projects. He now works for the architecture firm Zechner&Zechner in Wien.


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